SEA technology is a simple, rapid and visualized isothermal nucleic acid detection technology.The scientific research team of the company found that Bst DNA polymerase could reverse transcribe the important characteristics of RNA, and combined with the optimization and improvement of isothermal amplification technology, a new one-step isothermal amplification technology platform for RNA was constructed.Relevant Scientific research results have been published in high-level academic journals such as journal of the American chemical society, Scientific Reports, a sub-journal of Nature, and chemical communication, a journal of the royal society.

SEA is an isothermal nucleic acid detection technology mediated by denaturation bubble, which utilizes natural strand “breathing” to open up dsDNA. Similar to PCR, the SEA technology can trigger exponential amplification of target nucleic acid regions by designing only a pair of upstream and downstream primers. The reaction principle of SEA is different from that of PCR. PCR reaction opens the dsDNA through high temperature, triggers primers to combind with formed single strands after cooling, and then to perform extension and amplification(variable temperature, requiring heating and cooling instruments). However, the primers of the SEA reaction invade denaturation bubble structure at constant temperature, trigger the exponential amplification by extending and replacing the original chain under the activity of polymerase((isothermal, independent of heating and cooling instruments).



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